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Mumbai Wellness Centre, the brainchild of husband and wife Dr. Vaibhav & Dr. Ashwini Mehta established after meticulous research and valuable feedback from patients across the world. With an aim to bring state of the art services of the highest quality right in your neighbourhood, MWC brings to patients, treatments and procedures that give results rather than just promises.

Our motto Health, Beauty, Safety lays the foundation for our goal which is to educate every patient of MWC the benefits of having a healthy body, a healthy mind thereby obtaining a healthy look while following the highest standards of safety.

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Dr.Vaibhav Mehta, Medical Director of MWC, continues his medical journey with MWC after the vast experience he has gathered in the field of surgery, working with and under a long list of senior super specialists all over the world.

Having worked in the department of Plastic Surgery and operating some of the most beautiful people in the Russian Federation he continued his journey and gathered more experience in the continent of Africa, learning patient management skills under extreme pressure situations in Africa where he was a part of the Flying Doctors squad associated with international organisations like Fly Spec and Wings of Hope. Operating and treating patients of all colours, race and social stature, acquiring not just medical knowledge but so much more.

Dr. Ashwini Mehta, Medical Director of MWC, MD Consulting Physician. With a keen sense of organisation and management, Dr Ashwini, brings with herself the skills required to tackle the biggest epidemic of our times, DIABETES, armed with specialist degrees to manage and defeat this silent killer she has excelled in the early detection and successful normalisation of countless diabetics assisting them in leading healthy and normal lives.

Having completed her thesis in geriatric (elderly) patient management and with several international publications to her credit she excels in diabetes care finishing her fellowship in diabetes thereby acquiring the unique skills required in managing the most difficult of patients. She adheres strictly to her personal motto of 'knowledge is endless'.


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